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vitaero is a Skype-certified software application that seamlessly manages the connections between Skype, your PC and your wireless Bluetooth headset.

vitaero connects to the headset and puts it in standby mode, preserving it's battery life while idle but enabling it to respond instantly when needed. vitaero watches for any Skype event that would involve the headset (e.g. incoming call or listen to voicemail), or waits for you to press a headset button, and then intelligently performs the appropriate actions (e.g. ring the headset, open the audio connection or pick-up/hang-up a call).

The software is compatible with most popular Bluetooth headsets and connects via the standard handsfree or headset Bluetooth protocols. Headsets do vary in their interpretation of the Bluetooth standards and we accommodate these differences in the software.

We work with the major Bluetooth headset manufacturers to test new headsets coming onto the market and we often invite customers to help with beta testing so that we can check compatibility with a broad range of devices. Please visit our Bluetooth page for a list of known tested and compatible headsets.

Please note that some headsets have a limited set of buttons (e.g. no dedicated on/off switch) in which case some of the extra functionality will not be available to you (e.g. mute/unmute).

Our software is regularly tested and certified as virus-free by independent labs.

Softpedia guarantees that vitaero is 100% CLEAN

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vitaero Extras are plugins that are designed to co-ordinate between Skype and popular applications such as PowerPoint, iTunes and Windows Media Player.

PowerDND is a Skype plugin that automatically sets your Skype presence to Do Not Disturb when showing a full-screen PowerPoint presentation. This will stop any annoying Skype popups (e.g. incoming calls or chats) from interrupting your presentation.

Music Maestro is a Skype plugin that automatically pauses any music that is playing in iTunes or Windows Media Player while you are in a Skype call. The music will automatically resume playing when the call ends.

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